Step Two: Research and Brainstorm

How did community members respond to the idea of constructing a green space? How can that input be incorporated into the project plan? Share your findings from the surveys with a presentation or in a group discussion. Discuss the responses you gathered, but also any personal ideas you have for the direction of the project. As a class, define the goal of the project based on the identified needs of your community. You may want to build a garden, design an outdoor classroom, plant and maintain a tree, build birdhouses to create a bird habitat, or design an area for relaxation. If your school already has a garden, you could add an additional space, toolshed, or compost bin. Looking for inspiration? Check out the stories on Community of Gardens to learn about green projects going on throughout the U.S.

Green Ambassador Challenge Images

Will your green space be a place to grow food, attract wildlife, hold class outdoors, or display art? There are many options! Pictured: Please Touch Community Garden in San Francisco is a garden, art venue, and community gathering space.

Dig in Deeper: Take a trip to a local public garden or invite a horticulturalist or Master Gardener to speak to your class for inspiration. What lessons and ideas can be included in your project?