Step Nine: Build the Project!

It’s time to make your green space vision a reality! Work in teams to complete construction tasks according to the schedule that you drafted in Step Seven. If tools are involved in the process review applicable safety precautions.

Strive to make the day a community build day not only for your class and fellow students, but for families, teachers, principals and administrators. Invite as many members from the school community as possible. You could publicize the workday by hanging up flyers, posting on social media or submitting a message to be read for your school announcements. Bringing people together to work on the project can build long-term interest and support from your community. Keep a list of names and emails of the community members who come out to help as they will be valuable contacts for future workdays.

Green Ambassador Challenge Images

Getting ready to give the picnic tables a new coat of paint with the school colors at Paul International High School in Washington, D.C.

Take plenty of pictures along the way to share with your community (see Step Eleven: Document and Share). Does the space look the way you imagined that it would? Compare and contrast the early design mockups with the finished green space. What does the completed space mean to your class and school community as a whole? 

Dig in Deeper: What building techniques did you learn? Consider how you can use your newly developed green skills outside of school.