Step One: Survey the Community

What kind of green space is best for your community? Remember, for this project the term “community” refers to your school community (teachers, students, administrators, custodial staff, parents, etc.). Working in groups, prepare a four to six question survey that addresses the needs of your school. Questions should be multiple choice or open-ended, and may encourage follow up questions.

Green Ambassador Challenge Images

Common Good City Farm summer program teens interview members of the community about the history and future of this urban community farm in Washington, D.C.

Identify and survey a sample of five to ten stakeholders outside of class. Respondents should be school community members. Your project will be more attainable with shared enthusiasm behind it. The surveys may be paper or electronic (check out the "Garden Toolshed" for suggestions on survey tools).

Dig in Deeper: Find key words and phrases in your community surveys and create a word cloud. How will frequently mentioned terms inform the project?