Step Seven: Budget and Schedule

Work with your class to write a budget based on the final design of the project. Develop a document with resources and materials you will need to see the project to fruition (see the "Garden Toolshed" for a simple school garden budget worksheet). Research the prices for needed materials by searching online or visiting a local store. Next, set a realistic and achievable budget that fulfills the goals of the project. Make a master list of tasks left to be accomplished. Keeping in mind the amount of time your class has to build the project, assign deadlines to each task and then divide tasks equally. Will the project require continuous work after it has been built? Schedule and prepare for that work with a written maintenance plan.

Green Ambassador Challenge Images

Students at the Paul International High School in Washington, D.C. turn compost to ready their school garden for the winter season.

Dig in Deeper: Depending on the time available, compose a Garden Master and Management plan that builds on the initial proposal. This should include mission and vision statements, an implementation plan, design layout, maintenance plan and financial report.