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The spatial or temporal topic of the resource, the spatial applicability of the resource, or the jurisdiction under which the resource is relevant

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Please upload up to 10 image or audio files that enrich your story. The maximum total file size is 7 MB. Please do not upload very large files, this could result in the loss of your story. If you are not sure of the size of your files or would like to share a video or larger audio/image files, please email the files directly to

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If your story is about a publicly-accessible garden, please enter the full street address.

Note for Private Gardens: If your story is about a private garden, please enter only the neighborhood, city, and state. For example, "Woodley Park, Washington, D.C." Or, if you do not feel comfortable including the neighborhood, just the city and state. Do not include the street address. On the Community of Gardens map, private gardens are protected by the "zoom" function. At the city level, the residential garden pins will "disappear," only leaving the public gardens identified at the street level.
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