If you'd like to share your garden story with our digital archive, please email us your story and images. To submit a story please include:

  • Title of your story
  • The story itself. Not sure what to include? You can share anything garden related with our digital archive! Here are some ideas:
    • the story of your own garden and journey into gardening
    • the history of your community garden
    • your neighbor's tips for growing the best tomatoes
    • memories of your family farm or grandmother's garden
    • the story of a plant that holds particular meaning to you
    • your cultural gardening traditions 
    • the work of a garden education organization 
  • Location of the story (just city and state for private gardens, no home addresses, please.)
  • Images are not required but are encouraged!
  • Make sure you review our Submission Agreement
  • Email the story and images to: communityofgardens@si.edu

Thanks for helping us preserve our shared garden heritage, one story at a time!