Step Twelve: Submit Materials to Smithsonian Gardens

Green Ambassador Challenge Images

Monarch butterflies visit the butterfly garden at the Libby Museum in New Hampshire.

Share your project with the nation by contributing the story of your green space development with the Smithsonian Gardens Community of Gardens digital archive. By completing this step, you and your class will become Smithsonian Gardens Green Ambassadors, joining a network of leaders helping others better understand the meaning and value of gardens and green space to American life – today and in the future!

To celebrate the hard work that went into the creation of your green space we will send you a Smithsonian Gardens Green Ambassadors Challenge sign for your green space along with Certificates of Acknowledgement signed by the Smithsonian Gardens Director.

Your teacher should submit the project to Be sure to include:

  • A narrative document from your class explaining the process, how it contributed to the health of the community, and what you learned.
  • Images, videos, garden designs, link to your blog, published article about the project, or any other creative outlet that showcases your class's work.

After submitting the above information, Smithsonian Gardens will contact your teacher and help you add your story to its Community of Gardens digital archive. In sharing your story with the Smithsonian Gardens you ensure that your green space can be an inspiration to others looking to bring a green space to their community as well. We can’t wait to hear from you!