Step Ten: Maintain Your Legacy

How will your class maintain what it started? And how can you get the larger community to help? Future upkeep may require time, dedication, specialized knowledge, and supplies. Take charge by building a garden leadership team and finding people in your community to join in. Recruit younger students at the school who can continue the project and become the next leaders. You should think about how to maintain partnerships with local organizations and experienced gardeners who may have been involved in the build process. Partners can serve as valuable resources for learning gardening techniques and locating funding.

Green Ambassador Challenge Images

Shelling the bean harvest at Jones Valley Teaching Farm in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dig in Deeper: Host events, such as community workdays or green space tours, to keep people engaged and updated. Ask local gardeners or horticulturists to join your students for a workshop. How will building community partnerships enhance the project and contribute to its success?