Step Six: Decision Time

Present and explain your ideas to the class, and then evaluate the different perspectives. Reach a group consensus on the final design by synthesizing ideas. Remember to keep costs, implementation, and upkeep in mind when coming to this decision. You should update the spatial map (see Step Four) or make a new, scaled map that includes all structural features of the final plan. Decide which plants and/or seeds you will start out with and how they fit into your design. If the plan requires upkeep, discuss the role of your class and other community members as active participants. You may want to designate a leadership team to oversee the space or plan regular workdays for maintenance.

Green Ambassador Challenge Images

The North Austin Community Garden is located on the grounds of the North Austin Community Recreation Center. The garden is a collaboration between the YMCA, the City of Austin, and volunteers

Dig in Deeper: Present the updated plan to stakeholders at the school, including principals or administrators, custodial staff, and fellow students. What can you learn from their feedback?