Education Resources

Questions for discussion:

  • How were community gardens used as more than only a place to grow food? 
  • Why were community gardens so crucial during times of war and economic strife in 20th century America? What problems did gardens organizers seek to alleviate or address? 
  • Take a moment to brainstorm about some of the issues impacting your home or school community. Do you think a community garden could remedy or tackle these problems? How so?  Take it a step further by picking one of these issues, and in small groups designing a community garden that is part of the solution to the problem at hand. 


  • Smithsonian Gardens Green Ambassador Challenge: Apply what you have learned about the history of community gardens to the future of green spaces in your very own community. Up to the task of being a leader, steward, and designer? Take the Smithsonian Gardens Green Ambassador Challenge and make your community a healtheir place by designing and building a green space or garden; we walk you through the process every step of the way!
  • Smithsonian Gardens Community of Gardens digital archive: Interview gardeners in your area or document a community garden and add your story to our digital archive - help us preserve garden history in the United States and become part of the Smithsonian! Click on "Share a Story" in the navigation to get started. 

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