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The perennial garden, viewed through a copper arbor at the entrance, May 1, 2004. Siberian irises are the star attraction. Over the years, various vines graced the arbor. A favorite was Ipomoea alba, a night blooming morning glory with 6-inch blossoms that glowed on moonlit nights.
Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of the time when I could garden as my grandfather did, coaxing flowers from seeds and propagating roses under pickle-jar cloches. I had to wait until I completed graduate school to have a bit of ground I could…

A view of the raised bed garden, shared by neighbors Valerie and Jeni between their backyards in Durham, North Carolina.
Durhamites Valerie K. and her family, plus their neighbor, Jeni H., decided to take on a DIY gardening project to ensure that their family would eat more local, organic fruits and vegetables. They installed three raised garden beds, each 4 ft. x 16…

My oldest and I have been eyeing the Kirk of Kildaire Community Garden for a while now, and finally took the leap to volunteer there last weekend. The garden is on the property of Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, North Carolina.…

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