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Community of Gardens

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Hoop house

Grown from the Past: A Short History of Community Gardening in the United States

Dig in and explore the history of community gardening in the United States with this digital exhibit from Smithsonian Gardens.

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Collage of gardeners included in the Community of Gardens digital archive.

Interview a Gardener: Smithsonian Gardens Green Ambassador Challenge

Become a Smithsonian Gardens Green Ambassador!

This is a project about sharing wisdom, life experiences, and community history from a gardener’s point of view. Storytelling is an act of sharing and participating in civic life. Be a green ambassador for your community by interviewing a gardener and sharing the story with Community of Gardens.

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A Democracy of Beauty for All: Highlights from the J. Horace McFarland Company Collection

J. Horace McFarland was a leading proponent of the City Beautiful Movement and president of the American Civic Association. Learn about his photography from the Archives of American Gardens.

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