Laura's Garden


I interviewed Laura G. and asked her several things about her colorful garden. Her garden has grown in the last year. She told me, “gardening takes the stress away from work and dealing with problems daily."

Nicolas: Why did you start gardening?

Laura: I started gardening because my mother had her own garden and I would always have fun helping her water the plants and plant new flowers.

Nicolas: What does gardening do for you?

Laura: It calms me down when I’m stressed and have had a bad day.

Nicolas: How long have you had your garden?

Laura: I have had my garden for about five years.

Nicolas: What do you do when you are not gardening?

Laura: I enjoy going on bike rides and spending time with my family.

Nicolas: Do you think gardening should be a part of everyone's life?

Laura: I feel like that should be someone’s personal choice. If they want to have a garden, get a garden. If they don’t want a garden they don’t need a garden.

Nicolas: How do you think the garden has impacted your life?

Laura: It has impacted me for the better. It relieves my stress and I get fresh vegetables to make delicious salads.

Nicolas: What’s your favorite vegetable?

Laura: I have to say corn because there is nothing better than sweet corn on the cob.

-Story contributed by Nicolas C., student at Paul International High School in Washington, D.C., May 2014.

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