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On May 16, 2014 I interviewed Simon. He has a garden and is growing tomatoes. “Gardening is a very great way to relieve stress and enjoy my own time,” Simon said as he watered his garden. He told me about his childhood and how his father was the one that taught him how to garden. He shared his future gardening ideas with me and what else he was planning to do to his garden. It was a great experience for me and I hope to see his future garden.

Betsy: What makes gardening so fun for you?

Simon: I have enjoyed gardening since I was a little boy. Everything about it to me is fun. Especially getting to see the plant or vegetable I myself grew.

Betsy: How long have you been interested in gardening?

Simon: Ever since I was 8 years old. When I first picked up a shovel to help my father.

Betsy: What are you growing in your garden?

Simon: For now just tomatoes. Later on I might grow some spinach.

Betsy: Do you use any type of pesticides?

Simon: No I do not. I grow organic and clean tomatoes.

Betsy: Why are you growing just tomatoes?

Simon: Tomatoes are very nutritious and delicious. I enjoy to eat them. So I’m growing them myself.

Betsy: How many gardens have you had?

Simon: I have had at least six. Three in my country, El Salvador, and three here in Washington, D.C.

Betsy: How much work does it take to care for a garden?

Simon: Well, it really depends on what you’re growing.

Betsy: What else would you like to grow in your garden besides tomatoes and spinach?

Simon: I would like to grow lettuce and onions.

Betsy: What are your future plans for your garden?

Simon: I plan to expand my garden.

Betsy: Who taught you how to garden?

Simon: My father taught me how to garden. He would always tell me to help him. I didn’t mind because I really enjoyed it. He's the reason I enjoy gardening, he taught me everything I know.

-Story contributed by Betsy B., student at Paul International High School in Washington, D.C., May 2014.

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